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The Practice Management Cookbook


The first edition of this workbook was published in 1997 by L. Hurston Anderson, Ph.D., a second edition was released in 1999, and the latest revision was completed in 2006.  The initial idea for the workbook came from a meeting of PMP consulting clients held in Atlanta in late 1996.  During a break discussions centered around how much confidence and comfort each of the consultants seems to have especially when they have their big black consultants guide.  No matter what the issue there is always a solution in that book.  One particular dentist mentioned that it was like a cookbook for practice management in dental offices.

In fact, the Consultants’ bible has evolved from the notes collected by Susan Anderson (Uglem) and PMP’s other practice management consultants over more than twenty-five years of working with hundreds of dental offices.  As something new was needed, it was created or acquired and added to the book.  As additional consultants were added, their solutions were added as well.  At this time, this book is so important to our consulting efforts and so large that it is often checked separately at airports with a duplicate stored in a safe place..

Knowing that only about 10% of dentists will ever hire a consultant, Dr. Anderson decided that collecting, editing, and publishing this consultants’ bible would be one way to assist a higher percentage of dental offices around the world.  This workbook has now been sold on six continents to dentists in eighteen countries, and it is used daily by thousands of dental professionals.  While this workbook is available only in English there have been copies (not authorized) made in French and Mandarin Chinese it is reported.

Why is The Practice Management Cookbook so valuable, and why is it so unique? This is real meaty material such as samples for letters needed for correspondence, scripts for how to respond to any type of issue in a dental office, Job Descriptions and Responsibility Lists for any conceivable position in a dental office, Mission Statements, forms and ideas for Goal Setting, guides for leadership, Budgeting and Planning forms and guides, discussions and suggestions to fine-tune internal protocols, ideas for meetings, sample recare protocols, norms for overhead percentages and forms to make comparisons, forms and discussions on improving time management, marketing samples like newsletters/new patient packets/etc., and much more.  Below is the Table of Contents.



i. Mission Statement
ii. Goals and Goal Setting
iii. Leadership
iv. Planning and Budgeting

a. Personal Budget
b. Practice Budget
c. Net Cash Flow Worksheet
d. Net Worth Worksheet
e. Profit/Loss Statement Analysis
f. Planning for Retirement Worksheet

v. Systems and Protocols

a. Personnel Policies and Procedures
b. 1. Scheduling/Appointment Book Control

a. Words to Use/Not Use
b. Effective Telephone Techniques
c. Recorded Telephone Message Formats

2. Preplanning and Staff Meetings

a. Treatment Planning
b. Handling Objections to Treatment
c. Insurance Narratives
d. Closing Statements
e. Scripts and Follow Up Letters/lnactives

c. Hygiene/Recare Protocol
d. Collections Protocol and Payments Policies

a. Scripts
b. Letters E.

e. Monitoring Reports

1. Forms

a. Daily Production Monitor
b. Monthly Production Monitor
c. Monthly Analysis

2. Various Report Formats
3. Monitoring Spending

f. Time Management
g. Internal/External Marketing

a. Effective Marketing Techniques
b. New Patent Packet
c. Newsletter

vi. Results vs National Norms

a. National Overhead Percentages
b. Fee Surveys
c. ADA Listing

Making the Commitment

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