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To receive a FREE analysis of your dental practice, fill in the form below. The data supplied will feed into a computer model which will produce a result that will then be reviewed by a PMP, Inc. practice management experts who will provide a written analysis including suggestions for improvement in specific areas, if warranted. This analysis, which will be emailed to the submitting email address within a few days will indicate the potential production that should be available from the practice being analyzed. A percentage progress toward potential will be indicated, that is, we will tell you your score on a scale of 1 to 100.

The purpose of this analysis is to assist the dentist/owner to judge the effectiveness of his/her practice and to gain free advice from a twenty-year-old practice management firm of how to more nearly realize the potential of the practice…to eliminate as much as possible any wasted potential.

Many who have completed the Evaluation Form and received the FREE analysis have asked for additional ideas to effect the changes discussed in the analysis sent. For this reason we make available a written Action Plan at an extra charge. This is completely optional, and there is no stated or implied obligation when using the analysis below. For information about the optional Action Plan, please click here To determine the value of your practice for sale or other transition…or for help with transitions email Hurston directly.

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