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Why Workbooks in Dentistry?  When a dentist and/or dental office manager realizes that some modification is necessary for their practice there are several possible remedies, but there are only two that will actually get to the core of the problem.

One possibility is to gather the entire staff or selected members of the staff together and go to a seminar.  This can be fun, and it has the value of building a closer team, possibly, but it is in its very nature a passive act.  That is, those who must actually make the changes are delaying any action until later.  At best, these key individuals will absorb only a small portion of the material.  When the team or individual returns to the practice all the pressures which prevented them from acting will still be there.  Seminars are great, but they are temporal and unless accompanied by some sort of frequent follow-up, they are primarily for vacation purposes.  In general, they are too expensive and too passive.

The surest way to effect positive change in a dental practice is to hire a reputable outside expert/s to come into the office and work one-on-one with each and every individual to form new paradigms and new habits.  Since this is the largest part of our business, we cannot agree that it is risky unless the consultant is inexperienced, inattentive, greedy, or too expensive.  Interested, click here.  Our clients ALL increase their monthly production by at least $10,000 per month and we can prove it.  You’re pretty safe with us.

However, if you are willing to roll up your sleeves yourself and take the action personally that is necessary to effect the positive change necessary, all you need is a reliable source of ideas.  That is why we produced these workbooks.  And, make no mistake about it, these books are like none other in the world.  They are compilations of the notes, samples, forms, etc. used by our team of management consultants who have worked with hundreds of dental offices around North America.  The only difference is that they have been reorganized in more of a narrative form.  However, the content is what is necessary to completely reorganize, document, and maximize the potential of the areas for which they are written.  No details are excluded.  The only difference between these books and our acclaimed consulting services is the assistance of the consultants themselves with their experience and expertise.  If you don’t need that assistance, everything else you need is in these books.

Titles available

The Practice Management Cookbook  Details

The Protocol Series

A protocol is a set of instructions in a specific discipline for which strict adherence is required.  Dentistry is unique in that the owner/manager is also the primary producer.  Consequently, if a dental practice is to operate effectively and smoothly, each and every member of the dental office team must know what his/her exact and precise responsibility is in each and every set of circumstances.  This is also important to maintain continuity in a dental office where turnover is a common problem.  It is not efficient for the doctor or office manager to be always in attendance when critical issue must be resolved.  The protocol, learned and rehearsed actions, for these areas should be followed.  This means that these protocols must not only be written, but they must be updated regularly.  They must be accessible at all times and each individual team member must have a version that specifically refers to his/her required actions under all circumstances.

There are five major areas which require formal protocols in a dental office.  For each of these areas there is a workbook which is written to assist the dental office to customize the standard protocol supplied for the uniqueness of this practice.  Blank forms are included for assistance, and permission is granted to copy these copyrighted forms for use within that practice. Protocols required are as follows:

Scheduling  – Details
Hygiene  – Details
Finance  – Details
Personnel Management – Details
Marketing  – Details
How to Open a New Dental Practice – Details

Costs & Ordering

The Practice Management Cookbook can be purchased for $249.95 per copy plus shipping and handling.

The Protocol Series. Individual volumes are available for $199.95 each plus shipping and handling.  For 2 volumes purchased at the same time the price is $349.95 plus shipping and handling. For 3 volumes purchased at the same time the price is $499.95 plus shipping and handling.  For 4 volumes purchased at the same time the price is $649.95 plus shipping and handling.  Purchasing all 5 volumes as a set will reduce the price to $750 with no shipping and handling fees.

Shipping and Handling.   One book – $19.95, two books (or 2-day one book)- $29.95, three or more books (or overnight one book)- $34.95.


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