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Managing the Money in a Dental Practice

by L. Hurston Anderson, Ph.D.


If there is one area that screams out for better organization in most dental offices, it is the internal procedures for all the actions and record keeping necessary to properly account for the money that is earned and spent in a dental practice. 83% of dental practices are victims of embezzlement, and this can be prevented with an effective financial management protocol. The IRS has more success when auditing dental offices than most other businesses…not because dental offices are dishonest but because they are too often unstructured financially. Using this book to create an effective and efficient financial management protocol will eliminate all those worries. The Table of Contents is below.


I. How to Use this Book
II. Your Financial Management Protocol
III. The Dental Practice as a Business
IV. Operational Accounting vs. Tax Accounting
V. Why a Financial Management Protocol?
VI. Creating a Financial Management Protocol
VII. Elements of the Financial Management Protocol
VIII. Goal Setting
IX. Budgeting
X. Planning for Retirement
XI. Daily Procedure
XII. Weekly (Semi-Monthly) Procedure
XIII. Monthly Procedure
XIV. Annual Procedure
XV. Samples

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