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The Science of Scheduling

by Susan K. Uglem, PhD & L. Hurston Anderson, PhD


This workbook is designed to transcend the normal approaches to scheduling and to apply the special techniques and expertise that make scheduling for doctor and hygienist a science rather than simply plugging holes.  Effective and profitable scheduling is a science which can be learned, practice, and perfected.  Scheduling involves not just the person who writes the appointments on the computer or schedule book but everyone in the practice.  This workbook shows how to set up a customized protocol so that each person in the practice does his/her part  to produce and maintain a schedule which will meet or exceed the goals for the practice.  The Table of Contents is below:


i. How to use this book
iii. The Dental Practice as a Business
iv. Why a Scheduling Protocol?
v. Creating a Customized Scheduling Protocol
vi. Goal Setting
vii. Ideal Schedules
viii. Scheduling to Goal
ix. Pre-Planning Meetings
x. Eliminating Cancellations and No Shows
xi. Monitoring Results/Reports

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