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Professional Promotion of a Dental Practice

by L. Hurston Anderson, Ph.D., Wade Uglem, & Susan Uglem, Ph.D.


Too many dental practices cannot maintain a steady inflow of new patients.  Even practices which have an adequate number of new patients are spending too much to accomplish this.  The best patients come from referrals from other patients, but most practices do not have an organized internal marketing procedure to guarantee this wonderful supply of new patients.  To be effective it must include formalized methods for asking for referrals, patient newsletters, proper rewards for patient referrals, family recognition, chart auditing, etc.  In many cases this internal marketing will suffice, but where an increased new patient flow is required more aggressive methods are required.  There is a layer that can be tried and this method is similar to peeling an onion.  If the first layer works, we go no further, but if it does not work, we go one more step, etc.  There is always a way to increase patient flow without selling the farm.  It is essential that this protocol be documented and customized for each unique situation.  This workbook includes all the options with sample ads, newsletters, mail-outs, etc.  The Table of Contents is not below because we are getting too many pictures on this page, and it may take too long to load where there is not a broad bandwidth.  It follows the basic format of the others with a marketing emphasis.  If required, email for a copy. Costs/Ordering.

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