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Getting Finances in Order


• Retirement Planning for both individuals and businesses – Allows monies to be earmarked for retirement and offers tax advantages
• Asset Allocation – proper diversification of assets can offer greater safety along with potentially greater returns
• Protection – often using insurance to protect from loss and maintain assets so they can be used as planned
• College Funding – putting money away to help with growing college expenses for the kids and/or grandkids


• Indexed – the interest rate is tied to an index such as the S&P
• Fixed – the interest rate is fixed
• Variable – the return varies based on investment options
• Immediate – the payout is immediate once a lump sum in put in


• Life – a death benefit to the beneficiaries upon death. Sometimes used for mortgage protection or college planning
• Health – to keep the bills to a minimum if one were in need of health care
• Disability – to help pay the bills if one were to become disabled
• Long Term Care – to help pay the bills if one were to require care from a professional
• Business overhead expenses – to help cover monthly costs associated with your business if something were to happen


• Stock – equities or ownership in a company
• Bonds – debt securities with little risk
• Options – aggressive investments which are used to protect gains or protect from losses
• Managed Futures – is an hedge against a down market and can be profitable regardless of the market direction

We can also help you with the following:
- Sale of business;
- Inside transition;
- Passive ownership;
- Premature death;
- Disability;
- Retirement;
- Wealth accumulation and asset protection;
- Key employee retention;
- Legacy planning;
- Orderly estate distribution; and
- Prevention of misspent life insurance dollars.

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