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Quality leadership for 30+ years in dentistry management consulting & financial services.

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The data will be reviewed by PMP practice management experts who will provide a written analysis including suggestions for improvement in specific areas, if warranted. This analysis will indicate the potential production that should be available.

Consulting Services

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Increase practice production immediately. Whether your practice needs help with team-building, scheduling, financial management or collections, our One-on-One, in-Office approach will get your business moving in the right direction.

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Visit our blog to browse our Weekly Tidbits. Our Tidbits are free essays and tips for dental practice management, written by L. Hurston Anderson, PhD. Also find useful tips, information, and new resources available to help make your practice succeed.

Marketing Tools

Protocol Plan
Establish an effective and reasonable plan for maintaining an adequate new patient flow of the type of patients for which your practice is oriented. We can tailor a custom plan for your practice, or assist with newsletters, ads, and promotional campaigns.



About Us

Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive, in-office consulting to make their practices reach their potential and financial services to better manage their fiduciary responsibilities and to prepare them for retirement, even if retirement is not the goal.

We do this in the practice with the doctor and team by setting up internal protocols, enhancing marketing techniques, controlling costs, and providing thorough financial planning services tailored to each provider’s specific needs and wants. We expect results the first month that will more than compensate for any costs.


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PMP Success Stories

Dr. Nancy’s Dentist Office was on the verge of closing their doors. With a tailored financial and marketing plan, Dr. Nancy is now on track for an early retirement.
See how cost savings and more efficient management allowed Sunrise Dentistry to expand their practice to include the addition of orthodontics.
With an in-depth analysis of his practice by PMP, Dr. Dan was able to attract an investor so that he could pursue an early retirement.
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