Professionally Managed Practices

Hiring and Maintaining a Top-Notch Dental Team

by Wade Uglem (with L. Hurston Anderson, PhD.)


Most of the stress in the life of dentists if not from the clinical side of dentistry but from the managerial side.  In particular, personnel management exasperates many dentists.  Frankly, it is usually because there is no real system.  Written by management professionals who have hired, trained, managed, and terminated (where necessary) hundreds of employees, this is the definitive workbook on personnel management.  It includes ads, application forms, ideas for psychological profiling, sample evaluation forms, job descriptions, policy and procedure manuals, etc.  This book can be used to establish a personnel protocol which will help to eliminate internal conflict, raise morale, reduce turnover, assist in properly managing salaries, and maintain strong positive dental teams.
The Table of Contents is below.

Hiring and Maintaining a Top-Notch Dental Team

I.      How Best To Use This Book
II.     The Dental Practice as a Business
III.    The Staff and Doctor(s) Must Be A TEAM
IV.     Your Customized Team Building Protocol
V.      Leadership
VI.     Assessing Your TEAM’s Effectiveness
VII.    Attracting and Hiring Top-Notch Team Members
VIII.   Compensating and Setting Expectations
IX.     Supervision and Management
X.      Reprimanding, Terminating, and Rebuilding
XI.     Summary

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